At Become a Mortgage Broker we make the training process as easy as possible to save you time and money. Many of the steps listed below we actually do for you.

Once you begin the training process you can begin networking and marketing immediately. In as little as 10 weeks you could be writing your first loan and be paid your first commission.



1. Complete Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
Topics include:
•    Introduction to the Australian Mortgage Industry
•    Legislation and Regulatory Framework
•    Lending Institutions and Loan Types
•    Loan Fundamentals
•    Lending Fundamentals and Ethics
•    The Loan Process – From Interview to Settlement
•    Calculation of Fees; Use of Grants and Concessions
•    Understanding Financials and Corporate Entities
•    Productivity and Marketing Skills


2. Complete Compliance Certificate for Anti-Money laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing.
•    This course will give you an overview of this legislation and you will understand your legal requirements as a mortgage broker.


3. Obtain a National Police Check


4. Become a member of the Credit and Investments Ombudsman


5. Complete a personal credit check


6. Join Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)


7. Get Professional Indemnity Insurance


8. Become an Australian Credit Representative


9. Be trained by our team in our mortgage software “Symmetry”


10. Ongoing training and mentoring with Daniel

  • This is the best part about training with Become a Mortgage Broker. The level of personal coaching and mentoring you’ll receive with Daniel and his team of qualified and experienced staff simply doesn't compare to what you would get elsewhere



When you’re mentored by Daniel and his team you’ll: 

•    Receive an initial one-on-one consultation to determine your goals, aspirations and current level of experience

•    Receive Daniel's guidance and advice whenever you need on topics such as dealing with a client, growing your business, how to leverage current opportunities in your market

•    Have the option of attending a monthly lunch with Daniel and the other brokers under his mentorship. This is a fun and inspiring way to network and meet other brokers.

•    Learn how to grow and manage a successful referral business which will generate leads each month.

•    Learn key strategies to become an exceptional broker.

•    Have the opportunity to participate in face to face workshops on topics like goal setting, business development, and lender product updates.

•    Get access to Become a Mortgage Brokers administration team who’ll fast track your loan applications.


So, what’s your investment to get started in a career that will pay you GENEROUSLY many times over? 

All of the above 10 steps including the invaluable ongoing, personalised mentoring with Daniel and his team are yours for $4998.

There is no time like the present. Call us today on 1300 798 676 and together lets launch your new career that will change your life.